Oak is a beautiful wood with a long history. The term “oak” refers to the genus Quercus, a group of trees in the beech family. Oak trees produce acorns, which are the fruit of the tree. Oak trees are found throughout the world, but the most common oak trees in the United States are white oak and red oak.

bespoke oak staircase
Bespoke oak staircase London

– Stairs can be just as important to a home’s overall design and functionality as the flooring, doors, windows and other elements. A staircase may be more than a mere means of getting from one level to another; it could also be an expressive element that adds value to your property.

A lot of people buy a staircase, but the price can be much more if you want a completely white oak one. However, it is possible to have a striking staircase without all of them being made from white oak, which makes them significantly cheaper.

Within your property, there will be hardwood flooring, for example; oak flooring and painted skirting boards or oak doors and painted door frames are normal. The same applies to stairs too: although you can order the whole staircase in wood such as oak however, it is possible to have some components in wood such as oak and paint the others. It is important to understand that not all pieces of wood cost equally so when making a bespoke oak staircase they need to take into consideration how much they would expect this piece of wood adding to their costs.

bespoke oak staircase

Result: There are several different types of staircases each with its own design features – this article discusses the most common types and clearly explains what makes up each type – including painting options!

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