Bespoke timber staircase manufacturers

Purpose made timber stairs delivered throughout the UK

Bespoke staircase manufacturers
Based in Hertfordshire

We are a family run company who have been designing and manufacturing wooden staircases for more than 40 years.
Using a combination of traditional manufacturing and CNC techniques. Due to popular demand, we have updated our system to a CAD machine which enables us to provide our clients with a more precise, quicker and much more economical service.
We can provide a complete range of finishes to suit your individual needs, from flat pack to bespoke and supplied throughout Hertfordshire, Essex, London and the home counties.

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Staircase Configuration

Straight Flight

straight flight staircase

Straight Staircase

Quarter Turn


Single Winder Staircase

Half Turn


Double Winder Staircase

Space Saver


Space Saving Staircase

Made to measure staircase manufacturers

Bespoke stairs made to order and delivered throughout Hertfordshire, Essex, London and the home counties.



Straight tread staircases have no turns in them.
Quarter turn stairs have a landing or kite winders turning either left or right.
These have two turns, using landing or kite winders turning left or right.
For straight stairs, quarter turn stairs or half turn staircases, these can be ordered on our website and are available for fast turn around and delivery for any thing else drop us an email.
Also known as loft staircases or space saving stairs, these can be used where there is limited space available but can only be used in certain scenarios.
We also offer other staircase layouts. For any other designs get in touch, if you have drawings or need help with the design we are happy to help. We also offer commercial stairs which are wider and more substantial materials than domestic staircases.

Styles and Timbers

All layouts of staircases can be constructed in different ways and methods, these include:
Open riser; this is where the risers are left open with either a timber strip or metal bar built in to comply to regulations.
Cut string; where the sides of the strings are cut away so the treads can be seen, this can either be done in a modern or traditional way.MATERIALS:The materials used on your staircase will can have a dramatic effect on how it looks, we can manufacture your staircase in any timber below are some examples.
-Pine. All our stairs are manufactured from high quality pine or whitewood.-White Oak. We can manufacture all or part(s) of your staircase from premium White Oak, to give that stunning finish.-Ash & others. We can also offer staircases in ash, walnut and other premium timbers.-Glass balustrade. We offer staircases with glass balustrade, either as small individual panes or large panes, both can be secured with brackets or with a groove in the handrails.

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