Softwood cut curved string staircase – Hertford

Cut and mitred curved string staircase for a new house build in Hertford.

This particular staircase was manufactured for a new house build in Hertford, and the process involved a great deal of skill and attention to detail.

To begin with, the staircase design was carefully drawn up using specialized computer software. This enabled the manufacturer to create a 3D model of the staircase, allowing them to ensure that it was perfectly suited to the space in which it would be installed.

Next, the timber for the staircase was carefully selected and prepared. The curved strings were made by laminating several layers of timber together, which were then cut and shaped using a CNC router to ensure precision and accuracy.

The treads and risers were then cut to size and shape, with each piece being carefully mitred to fit snugly against the curved strings. The handrail and balustrade were also manufactured, with each component being carefully crafted to ensure that it met the exact specifications of the design.

Once all the individual components had been manufactured, the staircase was assembled and installed on-site. This involved a great deal of precision and skill, as each piece had to be fitted together perfectly to create the final structure.