Softwood cut wreathed string staircase – London

The homeowners embarked on a mission to reimagine their living space of there London property. They yearned for a staircase that would be more than a mere connection between levels; they wanted a statement piece that would reflect their appreciation for both classic charm and contemporary design. The softwood cut wreathed string staircase emerged as the embodiment of this vision.

DAB Stairs: Masters of the Craft

With over four decades of experience in crafting wooden staircases, DAB Stairs was the natural choice for this ambitious project. The use of softwood was a strategic decision. It not only exudes warmth and character but also boasts exceptional durability, ensuring the staircase’s longevity in a bustling household.

The Artistry of the Cut Wreathed String

The heart of this renovation project lay in the design and execution of the cut wreathed string. DAB Stairs’ joiners meticulously crafted a handrail with graceful curves and transitions. This element not only provided structural integrity but also transformed the staircase into a work of art. Every component was carefully assembled and hand-finished in DAB Stairs’ Hertfordshire factory, imbuing the staircase with a timeless, artisanal touch.

A Bespoke Masterpiece

One of the hallmarks of DAB Stairs’ service is their commitment to customization. Collaborating closely with the homeowners, they ensured that the chosen finishes harmonized perfectly with the home’s overall aesthetic. The end result was a softwood cut wreathed string staircase that seamlessly integrated into the renovated space, a masterpiece that blended functionality and artistry in perfect harmony.

A Timeless Statement

The softwood cut wreathed string staircase, supplied by DAB Stairs, was more than a renovation element; it was a transformation. It not only fulfilled its functional role but also elevated the entire living environment. This installation now stands as a testament to the enduring beauty that skilled artisans and innovative techniques can bring to a home.

In the heart of London, where history meets modern living, this softwood cut wreathed string staircase serves as a reminder that a staircase can be more than just a way to ascend and descend—it can be a piece of art that breathes life into a home’s very soul.