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Bespoke Straight Flight Staircase



Straight tread staircases have no turns in them.

All layouts of staircases can be constructed in different ways and methods, these include:
Open riser; this is where the risers are left open with either a timber strip or metal bar built in to comply to regulations.
Cut string; where the sides of the strings are cut away so the treads can be seen, this can either be done in a modern or traditional way.
The materials used on your staircase will can have a dramatic effect on how it looks, we can manufacture your staircase in any timber below are some examples.
-Pine. All our stairs are manufactured from high quality pine or whitewood.
-White Oak. We can manufacture all or part(s) of your staircase from premium White Oak, to give that stunning finish.
-Ash & others. We can also offer staircases in ash, walnut and other premium timbers.
-Glass. We offer stairs with glass balustrade, either as small panels or large panels, can be secured with brackets or with a groove in the handrails.

Additional information

String Material

Softwood, Ash, Oak, Other

Tread Material

MDF, Softwood, Ash, Oak

Riser Material

MDF, Softwood, Ash, Oak

Tread Type

Closed, Cut & Mitred Left, Cut & Mitred Right

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